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Sector: Shopping Mall and General References – Area: Kirkuk

Best Elektrik was founded in 2010 by AEG Genel Elektrik Türk A.Ş. and started its activities to carry out the construction works of YG and ÇYG Electricity facilities. In the process from the day it was founded, it has completed many projects both in Turkey and abroad. Best Elektrik, which performs the necessary infrastructure and facilities for transformer substations with 60 kV, 132 kV, 154 kV, 400 kV, and 500 kV voltage levels, completes its operations with the commissioning of the facilities.

Leading Major Projects at the International Level

Best Elektrik, Turkey, and Georgia mainly serve in countries such as Algeria and Iraq. With the awareness of the importance of electricity needs on people and society, studies are carried out at a level that meets customer expectations.
Best Elektrik, along with the activities within the country, also represents Turkey abroad. While the projects are prepared with high quality, work delivery is carried out on time. The completed projects are committed to continuing the uninterrupted electricity transfer, and work is committed to the working principle.

To be one of the leading companies in the sector

Best Elektrik combines its mission based on satisfaction with its vision to achieve great success at home and abroad. Global studies enable the company to stand out in the sector.
While Best Elektrik continues its projects abroad in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Algeria, and Morocco, it has completed dozens of projects and offered them to customers. In Turkey, it began operations in more than 50 completed substation.

Customer Satisfaction and Meeting Needs

The brand realizes its work consciously, safely, and sustainably by understanding the importance of electricity needs on people. The interruption of the flow of life is prevented by instantly intervening in possible problems during electricity transfer. The facilities that have come into operation lead to quality service by meeting customer expectations.
Turkey Electrical Communication Inc. operates in the domestic (TEİAŞ). Best Elektrik provides uninterrupted service 24/7 through 22 regional directorates across the country.