Beyçeri Bal

Sector : Food and Beverage Industry Region : Ankara
Beyçeri Bal was established in January 2015 under the name of Beyçeri Arıcılık A.Ş. Beyçeri Beekeeping has started its activities as a modern packaging facility in Ankara's Kahramankazan district. Beyçeri Arıcılık A.Ş aims at the production, packaging, and marketing of bees, queen bees, royal jelly, propolis, pollen, and honey in its fields of activity.

Beyçeri Beekeeping Inc. facility has an annual capacity of 7200 tons of filtered honey. It has a packaging capacity of 100 tons of beehive, 25 tons of organic honey, 30 kg of royal jelly, 10 tons of pollen, and 500 kilograms of propolis. This large capacity and packaging services have already earned the right to be one of Turkey’s indispensable beekeeping facilities.

Beyçeri Bal’s Vision and Mission

Beyçeri Bal targets the highest level of satisfaction for its consumers. Tracking is provided until the products reach the consumer. If the consumer is satisfied and happy, Beyçeri Bal is also happy. Beyçeri Bal puts consumer satisfaction at the top. However, attempts to become one of the most mentioned brand names of the eminent and Turkey. It gives importance to quality and naturalness. Beyond the borders of both producers and provide added value to Turkey are among the biggest targets.

The Beyçeri honey, bee-keeping, and honey production standards and contributing to the sustainability of the resulting honey to providing consumers without compromising quality standards in Turkey never adopted as its target. Naturalness and organicity are not compromised, and the packaging stages are done with great care.

Always Forward: Beyçeri Bal’s Great Success

Beyçeri Bal continues to work without sacrificing service and production quality. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Turkey Organic Agriculture, ISO 9001: 2015, has the Halal Food and Food Safety System Certification 22000 quality certificates. The Beyçeri Bal itself is continuously developing innovative and taking steps to have more documents and announce Turkey’s name. Beyçeri Bal continues to produce and sell honey with the value it attaches to its customers, and the principle of “The customer is always right.”