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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul / İkitelli

Confetti Tekstil is one of the secret but champion brands of the Turkish business world. Confetti Tekstil continues its activities on women’s clothing. This project, which was started by two school friends in 1990, started with 5 people, and today it has become a company with 375 employees. Its capital, which has reached a turnover of 20 million dollars, and the fact that it provides all of its income from exports is one of the important features that reveal that it is different from other companies

Özcan Çetinsoy mentions that they make success to products with high added value and that they invest what they earn in the company. It also states that they prefer non-core focus and employee investment methods. Confetti Tekstil, which has been interviewed in many business magazines, is seen as one of the 25 companies that banks cannot share. According to the information given by the bankers, it is stated that it is a company that grows and strengthens its business despite economic crises. Confetti Tekstil was established in 1990 on women’s wear and has linked its most important production to exports.

How was Confetti Tekstil established?

Confetti Tekstil was founded on 17 January 1990 by a student studying at Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration. The founder of the company, who started working with fabric manufacturers in Istanbul Osmanbey, later started the export move between 1982-1983. At that time, some companies were providing fabric supplies from this company and exporting garments. Then a breakthrough after studying abroad that perform well in the founder started this business in 1990 and returned to Turkey with Ertugrul Arıkonmaz combining the workforce upon requests from customers. It then progressed and acquired its present location.

Providing High Value-Added Products and High-Price Goods …

One step has been taken because pattern making takes a long time. Especially at that time, when delivery orders from Germany could be delivered in 6 weeks, ways to reduce their business to 10 days were sought. For this reason, Confetti Tekstil has enabled faster order preparation by working day and night. At that time, it was found that the designs were wasted because they were not worked on the computer. He realized that this job was done in 10 days. The company, which continued its success abroad, developed a new production chain for the company is established in 1990. Confetti Tekstil currently employs 375 people, 180 in its apparel building, and 195 people in the paint factory. Also, employment is provided for 1000 additional people.