Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

It is the first and only hotel of the international hotel chain International Hotels group located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Located within the complex, this hotel is located Viaport Word of Turkey’s largest and most visitors to the area next to the Outlet Viaport. It’s located in the Word of Viaport Complex, next to its largest and most visited Outlet Viaport. Visitors can experience business, vacation, shopping, and entertainment together.

Also, Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Hotel, which brings together personalized service and comfort, was built in the middle of Istanbul’s new development axis. It is located in the city’s most important rising business center, just a few minutes away from the modern living area and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. This 8-floor hotel has 336 rooms.

Crowne Plaza opened its first hotel in Maryland in 1983. It started its activities in our country for the first time in Şişli. It took place with Viaport Gloria and Crowne Ankara Hotel, the two biggest hotels in Ankara, which opened in 2008. The company later expanded its operations in our country and opened new hotels managed by Bülbüloğlu Kongre Turizmi Ve Otelcilik Ve İnşaat İç Ve Dış Limited. Corp.

The arrival of Crowne Plaza in our country!

Purchased by the Holiday Inn Hotel and Resort, Crowne Plaza first opened its recreation facility and hotel in Portugal. The company trying to operate in our country in 2007 started its activities in Şişli. It gained great appreciation with its hotel and then opened its facilities in Ankara and on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The company continues to be increasingly widespread in major cities in Turkey. With its recreational facilities and hotels located in Antalya Konyaaltı, Crowne Plaza stands in many hotels.

Crowne Plaza, which has a high customer potential, is preferred without any problems in terms of quality and reliability in which our country’s cities started to operate. In these hotels with high customer potential, nature and sea views are provided together. It is made possible to arrange the guests in the best way possible. Crowne Plaza, a hotel chain, continues to operate in 52 countries. Close to 40 years and increases the capacity with branches in Europe and Turkey. When you want to get information about hotel activities, you will easily perform information and reservation transactions through their online addresses.