Has Döner

Has Döner | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Aksaray

Has Döner has gone beyond the dreams of its founder Çapan Demirci, who has been working in the restaurant sector since his childhood. The doner sale, which started as a mobile with a three-wheeled motorcycle, has become the flavor of the people of Aksaray. Thanks to his mastery in doner, his work becomes more intense and he continues with a bigger vehicle. While continuing his business in a 20 m2 shop over time, in 2002 he came together with his brother and moved to a 150 m2 shop. After this stage, it receives great support from its brother in the branding process and the projects to activate chain restaurants.

The brand, which addresses high quality and safe doner production, and the meat used in doner production are obtained from the region’s animals. With the halal slaughter, the most beautiful and quality parts are taken and turned into döner. Here is the secret of capturing the taste appealing to the palate of its customers.

Who is the Owner?

Çapan Demirci, the owner of the brand, offers the taste of local cuisine to its customers. The owner, who is very sensitive about using the highest quality sterilization and hygiene products during food production and preparation processes, takes the European standards.
It constantly updates its corporate structure and expands its branch network. It sees its customers as its guests in its branches currently serving and will be opened in the future and has adopted the principle of providing friendly service. They have adopted an understanding that serves the mission of continuing this awareness by instilling in the next generation business heirs.

Has Döner Quality Policy

Has Döner produces that delicious doner, which it offers to its customers in its restaurants, using carefully selected meats by its quality policy, under its food engineers’ instructions and supervision, without any additives in its own facilities. The doner kebabs prepared are sent daily to the branches for sale by the branch’s consumption scale. During this transport, the cold chain is maintained, and bacteria growth is prevented.

The brand, which implements its production and sales policy with the slogan of “Doner Kebab,” grows and develops day by day thanks to its expert kitchen staff and service personnel who serve with a friendly service approach. Has Doner increases its hygiene policy and the quality of the products it uses in parallel with its growth and development. It uses hygiene products and equipment that comply with European norms in production.

Has Döner has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.