Halıcı Süt Ürünleri

Halıcı Süt Ürünleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: İzmir Ödemiş

Halıcı Süt Ürünleri, a company that has long years of foodservice in many parts of Turkey. Halıcı Süt Ürünleri has adopted a complete service concept since its establishment. Since its beginning years of service, the company has made significant achievements at the local, regional, and national levels.

Halıcı Süt ürünleri is also useful to say that it is a company that impacts the national economy. Following its success, it owes its fully equipped service innovations, teams consisting of the right personnel, and following technology innovations to its structure. The company, which aims to make the success permanent, implements the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System.

Wide Product Range

Halıcı Süt Ürünleri draws attention with its wide product range. There are dozens of kinds of products under its structure. Some of these are as follows: It has products such as feta cheese, Tulum cheese, Braided cheese, Curd Cheese, and Butter. Halıcı Süt Ürünleri produces all the products on its menu fully equipped, completely, and by hygiene conditions. Likewise, there are many important producers in the company. An important feature of Halıcı Süt Ürünleri among the people is that it has delicious products. Defending that the basic source of the delicious product is naturalness, Halıcı Süt Ürünleri fully fulfills all the requirements of this condition. In this way, their products are natural and delicious.

Halıcı Süt ürünleri Staff Team

Halıcı Süt Ürünleri consists of all the personnel under its roof, who have undergone the necessary training and have competence. The company has an empathetic approach in terms of personnel; It provides a fully equipped service flow. Halıcı Süt Ürünleri also produces the products used by the personnel teams in production with modern technology. By following modern innovation, it has added state-of-the-art tools and equipment to its production.

Halıci Dairy Products is among the companies with a wide range of opportunities at the point of production. It has a manufacturing system and facilities that many companies cannot access. Turkey’s fast with manufacturing located in certain regions, healthy, ensures safe and tasty products. Likewise, the production is sending Turkey’s many regions. In this way, products meet with consumers by taking their place on the shelves.