Kılıç Su Ürünleri

Kılıç Su Ürünleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Bodrum

Kılıç Su Ürünleri was born from a tradition that fishing is a family profession. The enterprise, which was established in Salih Island in 1990, started its activities with an annual production capacity of 30 tons of bream. In 1993, it started to import and export with a corporate structure. As of today, with an annual capacity of 65 thousand tons both in Turkey, he has managed to become one of the few companies in aquaculture in Europe.

Who is the Owner?

Orhan Kılıç, who is also the Chairman of the Board, wanted to produce an important protein source with the extinction of fish in the sea. The most important factor in choosing this line of business is that he comes from a fishing family.
Seeing that the traditional fishing industry is getting smaller and smaller with the decrease in the fish population in the seas, Orhan Kılıç establishes a modest production enterprise near Salih Island. After operating in this business with a limited production capacity for 3 years, it became institutionalized in 1993. It started to import and export in fry production, feed production, and adult fish sales. With its growing capacity over time, it has become one of the sector’s pioneers with an annual capacity of 60 thousand tons in Import Export activities.

Social Responsibility

As Kılıç Su Ürünleri, it always fulfills its responsibilities in regional, national, and global social responsibility projects. It has also made important progress in minimizing carbon emissions with the special techniques it uses in production to leave a livable world to future generations within the framework of its care for the environment. It fulfills the responsibilities of being a pioneer in the sector with its adopted sustainable production policy.

Kılıç Su Ürünleri Quality Policy

As Kılıç Su Ürünleri, it has been working to ensure this since the day it was founded by the belief that healthy and quality nutrition is an innate right. It ensures that the quality protein that future generations need is accessible in its job, requiring the utmost care.

It constantly improves its production techniques with new investments and strives to present quality seafood products that appeal to almost every pocket. During this effort, he always abides by the hygiene rules most strictly. The brands that they supply hygiene products are meticulous in offering the highest quality products that do not harm health.

Kılıç Su Ürünleri implements high standards of hygiene processes at every stage, from the raw materials it uses in its production facilities to products and equipment.