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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Ireland

Kingspan was established in Ireland in 1965. It produces insulation materials and building envelope solutions that show high performance against climatic conditions. Kingspan is an important part of the industry. Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and resume production in Turkey has 8 properties. The head office carries out product development and sales marketing activities in Ireland.

One of the Leaders of the Industry

It is one of the leaders of the insulation materials industry. It is an important part of the construction industry on a global scale. To develop the sector, both sustainability and innovation studies continue uninterruptedly.
Kingspan operates in 70 countries. With 156 production facilities worldwide, it has the power to meet every continent’s product needs. The combination of manufacturing and operating power makes Kingspan the world’s best manufacturer of insulation materials.
It employs 15,000 employees worldwide. With the production and operation facilities located in different regions, economic development is supported in many regions. The people of the region are provided with job opportunities, and applying a sustainability policy, plays a role in social responsibility projects that care about the environment and society.

Wide Product Range in Insulation Materials

Kingspan offers a wide selection of insulating materials. It contains insulation materials suitable for every business in the building and construction sector. The products are divided into ventilation ducts, door systems, architectural facade systems, architectural roof systems, cold storage systems, clean rooms, data center solutions, insulation, insulated panel systems, and raised floor systems. The required products and systems are successfully added to the region where they will be applied.

Planet Passion

It is known that climate change will be felt more in the coming years. To protect the world, all facilities engaged in production activities must adopt sustainable principles. If carbon emissions do not fall to zero values ​​by 2050, there will be great threats to the world’s future.
Planet Passion is Kingspan’s global sustainability strategy. The target in the determined program covers the first 10 years. All facilities and businesses within the company struggle to eliminate three global problems in the world.
At the end of the 10-year process, it aims to protect our natural world and eliminate the circular economy and climate change problems. Even if the problems are not completely over, minimal waste will be contaminated to nature thanks to sustainability principles.