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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Alaşehir

MEY was established in 2004. Entering the sector after the privatization of the alcoholic beverages area of Tekel, the company continues its activities in our country with two separate companies: production, sales, and marketing. The company was incorporated into the alcoholic beverage producer Diageo in 2011. Diageo Group of Companies operates in 180 countries and also has regional offices in 80 countries.

Favorite Tastes of Turkey MEY

MEY has the most well-known brands in the market, such as Yeni Rakı, Tekirdağ Raki, Istanblue, and Binboa vodkas, Kayra, Terra, and Buzbağ wines. Adding the product portfolio of Diageo to itself, MEY has undertaken the domestic distribution of brands such as Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Windsor, Buchanan Whiskeys, Smirnoff, Ciroc, and Ketel One Vodka, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Don Julio, Tanqueray. The company, which has always been sensitive to society since the day it was established, employs more than 2 thousand employees. MEY is one of Turkey’s largest companies. MEY, with the employment opportunities it provides our country is a great contribution to Turkey’s economy.

The Company Introducing Turkish Rakı to the World

Mey has expanded its export of raki, which was limited to 20 countries in 2004, to more than 40 countries, including Germany, the USA, England, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Iraq, Benelux, Switzerland, Greece, France, Turkic Republics, and Eastern European countries. While the export volume of Yeni Rakı was 1.2 million liters in 2004, this volume has quadrupled in the last 4 years and reached the 5 million liter band. MEY announced its biggest goal as doubling its raki exports in the coming years. MEY produces 100% of its exported raki with domestic input. In this way, it makes great contributions by increasing the export volume of the country’s economy.

The company has brought the “Yeni Rakı” brand to an important position in our country and the world of aniseed. MEY is in the leading position in terms of turnover in the aniseed drinks market according to the data of “Impact Databank 2013”, one of the international sector reports, with the brand of Yeni Rakı. With the same brand, the company ranks 17th in the global alcoholic beverages market. MEY has benefited from Diageo’s existing experience in the international market in this sense and gained a rapid growth and distribution momentum in the foreign market with Yeni Rakı.