Mevsim Baharat

Mevsim Baharat | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İstanbul

Mevsim Baharat started its commercial life in 1976. Founded by the couple İlker Erdem and Müberra Erdem, the company continues to serve with quality and consumer-oriented production approach for more than 40 years.

Mevsim Baharat is among the leading companies in the sector with its production volume, salesforce, product variety, and distribution area. Mevsim Baharat says that the underlying reason for its success is to bring traditional flavors to consumers’ tables. The presentation of traditional flavors to the consumer without spoiling in the process that starts in production and reaches the tables is under the quality and assurance of Mevsim Baharat.

The company, which undertakes the mission of always offering healthy and reliable food to its consumers, carries out its production under hygienic conditions without human touch. Mevsim Baharat, which never gives up its quality and consumer-oriented production approach, maintains its place in the sector, intending to grow day by day, from salesforce to product variety.

Taste Of Food: Mevsim Baharat

Mevsim Baharat produces in three main categories. The company offers all kinds of spice in spices that can come to mind, from hot pepper to meatball spring, from black pepper to Sumana, from lemon salt to cinnamon. The company, which also produces for the industrial group, offers allspice groups for sale in 1-kilo packages. Also, the same product groups are sold in kraft packages of 5-10 and 25 kilograms. Also, the company produces and sells 50 and 100 kilograms of sausage mortar.

The Best Quality Production is in Mevsim Baharat

Determining food safety as the top priority, the company keeps control throughout the production chain. All products of Mevsim Baharat have been registered with ISO-22000: 2005 Food Safety. Also, products with HALAL certificates are approved by TSE. The company has all business registration documents and permits. During the long years spent in the sector, the company’s spices have been awarded many awards. The company was awarded the “Best Brand Award” twice in a row in the International Reliable Food Summit Spice Category in 2012-2013. The company, which received the 2013 TTDK “Golden Brand” award, took home the TTDK “We Recommend” awards in 2014.