Milhans Gıda

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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: İzmit

Milhans Gıda and Tarım Ürünleri Ticaret Şirketi entered the sector in 2009 in Gebze district of Kocaeli. Working to provide consumers with healthy, local, and high-quality nuts, Milhans Gıda has taken its place in the market with its List and Otto brands. It also carries out production as well as for Turkey’s leading retail chains. The company has a production facility of 25 thousand square meters open and a 10 thousand square meters closed area.

Milhans Gıda List Nuts

Among the products launched by the company with the List Nuts brand; There are roasted salted pistachios, roasted hazelnuts, roasted salted almonds, roasted salted mixed nuts, roasted salted peanuts, fried salted peanuts, double roasted yellow chickpeas, roasted white chickpeas. The seed group also includes roasted salted black sunflower seeds, roasted salted white sunflower seeds, and roasted salted pumpkin seeds. In addition to these products, the brand also offered its special flavors to consumers. Peanuts and cashew flavored with Cheddar and British Blue Cheese using caramelized onion and balsamic vinegar are among the company’s special flavors. In addition to these, barbecue flavored corn, chili pepper peanuts, pistachio and corn, peanut-flavored with wasabi and soy sauce, sweet pepper pistachio, cocoa cashew and hazelnut, honey, and sugar-coated almonds are among the special flavors that the company produces.

Milhans Gıda Otto Nuts

Milhans Gıda offers natural dried fruit and nut varieties to consumers with the Otto Nuts brand. These completely organic products are also vegan. These products, which are produced completely without GMOs, are presented to the consumer’s taste with little processing. The company offers its products with dried apricot, mulberry, date, grape, and sultan grape varieties. Also, products such as roasted and raw hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and roasted chickpeas are sold under the Otto Nuts brand.

Milhans Gıda with Brands Known as Private Label

The company also produces customer private label products. These products include Simbat branded sunflower seeds and cashew nuts, which are frequently preferred by consumers, and Amigo branded hazelnuts. Also, the company produces specially packaged nuts for Starbucks. Offering three different types of packages to its customers who want to make production, the company prints these packages with its customers’ special designs. It also provides custom design services for its customers who desire.