Muratbey Peynircilik

Muratbey Peynircilik | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Uşak

Muratbey Peynircilik took its first step into the sector in 1965. Entering the cheese industry with a small cheese shop in Eminönü, Muratbey Peynircilik opened its production facility in 1992 and started cheese production with professional equipment. Combining the milk processed in the facilities with innovative ideas creates quality and unique products. This understanding changes the cheese understanding of many countries abroad as well as in the country.

Industry Leader in Special Cheese Category

Muratbey Peynircilik transforms processed milk into dairy products with its classical production approach, has achieved a great breakthrough in the special cheese category by evaluating innovative ideas. Exclusive cheeses, as much as abroad in Turkey, have sparked interest in the global market. According to Nielsen’s research in 2018, it has proven that it has strengthened its leadership by showing twice the growth of its closest competitor in the “Special Cheese” category. Muratbey Peynircilik, the Turkey, has avoided modern technology and traditional cheese understanding of large enterprises’ risks from the monotony by combining different ideas. The use of modern technology in the production phase has greatly benefited the preservation of taste. The brand has such a thing as “There is such a thing as flavor!” Its slogan expresses the importance given to meeting the highest quality and most delicious products with the consumers.

Tastes From Turkey to Worldwide

Muratbey Peynircilik continues its activities with 400 employees in its production facility with a closed area of 35 thousand square meters. Daily milk processing capacity is 700 tons of production facilities, and the products formed after processing Turkey are distributed to more than 30 thousand points of sale worldwide. Hosting more than 300 product diversity today, Muratbey Peynircilik aims to reach four continents by making a name in the international cheese market. Produced within Turkey’s borders, healthy, reliable, and aims to reach more people delicious cheese.

Production Facility Respecting Nature

Development moves are being made to save on energy used and reach the zero chemical target in waste generated during the production phase. Muratbey Peynircilik, a member of the Sustainable Food Platform, adopts the principle of “Sustainable food for a sustainable future.”