Tezcan Galvaniz

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İzmit

Tezcan Galvaniz was founded in 1965 to trade flat metals. It is turkey’s first flat product manufacturer with 100% Turkish capital. In 1983, it started production with the Galva-1 factory in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. 2, 2000. Factory; Galva-2 factory was opened in Arslanbey Organized Industrial Zone with an open area of 18.000m2 and a closed area of 20.000m2.

Where is Tezcan Galvaniz?

Tezcan Galvaniz factory is located in Kocaeli Kartepe, and its head office is located in Istanbul Atasehir.

Who owns it?

Sönmez Tezcan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brand.

What Does Tezcan Galvaniz Produce?

Tezcan Inc.’s facilities with a production volume of 1.3 million flat products have a steel service production center along with cold sheet, galvanized sheet, painted sheet production processes.

By the demands of the construction, automotive and white goods sectors in the first place;

Cleaned hot sheet by cold forming and deep tensile processes,

It manufactures galvanized steels and painted galvanized steels suitable for cold forming, cold sheet suitable for cold forming, unalloyed building steels, and GALVALUME.

Occupational Safety and Hygiene Policy

Tezcan has created a safe and hygienic working environment within the factory boundaries by adopting the world-class production concept. In this way, their goal is “zero work accidents and zero occupational disease.”

It fulfills its responsibility to the environment and raises awareness and participation of employees and subcontractors.

Tezcan Galvaniz preferred Vibroser products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.