Tören Gıda

Tören Gıda | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Gaziantep

Tören Gıda was established in 2003 on the Gaziantep Araban road. Tören Gıda, which started its activities in the chocolate and confectionery sector, continued to produce with Cocoline, Nougat Bar, Coconut Bar, Breakfast, and Cream Tube Chocolate. By 2014, the company, which established a large factory with 50.500 square meters of open area and 1500 square meters of the closed area, expanded its production facility. Tören is a family company. Currently managed by second-generation family members, the firm transfers its experience from tradition to the future with this management style.

Tören Gıda currently exports to 50 countries on 4 different continents. In addition to the production facility in our country, Tören Gıda opening warehouse, and sales offices in Iraq-Erbil and Morocco-Casablanca. In this way, it has been among the mentioned companies in the Middle East and North Africa market.

Consumer Oriented Production Approach

Tören Gıda is among the leading companies in its own market with 22 different products and 11 different brands. Considering the producers’ demands, Tören Gıda has made a name for itself with the wafer it released in 2016. The company pays attention to R&D studies in production. The company pays attention to R&D studies in production. With this approach, it is among the brands that are frequently preferred by consumers. Particularly, Tören Çikolata stood out from its competitors with this approach and made it rapidly among the most admired brands with its taste.

The Determination To Go Further With Every Step

Tören Gıda continues to work with the vision of becoming the most preferred brand in its market until 2023. Always working with a future-oriented approach, the company makes its investments in every segment in which it operates by considering this point of view. The company has determined its mission as bringing healthy, affordable, and easily accessible products to consumers. Tören Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which has taken firm steps in this direction since its establishment, has established a throne in the hearts of its customers.

The company has always set customer satisfaction as a top priority. Making production without compromising its quality, Tören Gıda has always competed with the best in its sector. Approaching its employees with the same sensitivity, the company has never lost its team spirit.