Facilities use Hygiene panel protectors in the floor edges, walls, and industrial plants’ panel sections. It is essential to ensure hygiene in industrial facilities operating in many sectors, such as food and health. Although facilities clean the floors and walls regularly, workers can overlook wall bottoms, panel sections, and corner areas.

Therefore, in areas requiring high hygiene, you can prefer hygienic baseboard panel protectors, hygienic corner protection, hygienic step baseboard, hygienic border panel protectors, hygienic stainless panel protectors, such as products for all kinds of needs. During cleaning, workers may overlook panels, wall bottoms, and corner areas. Bacteria provide their own reproductive conditions in hard-to-reach areas. Dust in these areas can also lead to continuous contamination of the ground.

Hygiene Panel Protectors Usage Features

Hygiene panel protectors are produced in an easy-to-clean feature. In this way, it minimizes bacterial formation in the area where you use it. As there are products of remarkable color, it also serves as a warning tape and provides security convenience to the personnel working in the field. In addition, it offers effective protection against corrosion in areas where hygiene will be provided.

According to your request and need, the products used as panel protectors we can manufacture in different lengths and styles. Products are also available at different heights. These products, which are extremely easy to maintain, can remain durable for many years to come.

Products used as panel protectors are resistant to impacts and other industrial facilities’ adverse effects. Thanks to its stainless properties, the panel protects the wall bottom and corner areas for many years. We have also presented a wide range of products suitable for your needs to your liking on our website.

Advantages of Hygiene Panel Protectors

Hygienic panels; In addition to the ease of cleaning in industrial production facilities and areas requiring high hygiene, it is one of the measures taken with its hygienic structure. Thanks to its antimicrobial structure, it prevents bacteria’s formation in-wall bottom, panel, and hard-to-reach areas. It is also designed to contain no glass fibers for safe use in food facilities.

Hygienic panel products are also resistant to chemicals or acids. Prevents wear and tear of walls, panels, columns, and floors due to acid and chemicals. They are products that you can use for many years to come.

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