Industrial floors; special coatings used in areas where products are produced, stored, or stored. Today, where structural hygiene processes are even more important, the floors specially produced for the plants are resistant to wear and chemicals. These easy-to-clean products also have non-scrolling features.

Industrial antacid porcelain floor type, used in many sectors, provides a smooth and aesthetic appearance. It can be produced with anti-acid industrial, stainless floor transition, vibration floor application systems. With specially designed floors of different sizes, patterns, and features, industrial facilities can take necessary precautions. These floors are designed for heavy loads and transport equipment. They can show high strength against transport vehicles such as forklifts.

What are the industrial floor uses?

It can be preferred in many sectors with its easy-to-clean structure. These floors can be used in many areas such as business, petrol station, indoor and outdoor parking, sidewalk, walkway, warehouse.

The manufacturer can also prefer industrial floors for production facilities operating in the food and hygienic areas in cold and standard storage areas. Industrial floor solutions are applied in different departments, such as dining halls, dining factories, and restaurants.

Chemical production areas such as the chemical industry, leather sector, and energy sector, such as many high durability areas, are promised because of the preferred floor coverings. It can also be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including pharmaceutical factories, warehouses, and drug storage areas.

What Do Industrial Floors Do?

Industrial floor preference such as anti-acid tying are coating elements, provide many advantages in the area in which they are used; it provides durability against high weights. Facilities can store heavy loads in the areas used, and transport vehicles do not damage the ground even in intensive use. Provides aesthetic appearance in industrial facilities.

Cleaning is practical floor coverings. Therefore, it is the most preferred ground application in industrial organizations where hygiene is essential.
The non-scroll feature provides a secure workspace for the area to which it is applied. Thus, it creates a natural measure for occupational health and safety. Also, it reduces the likelihood of staff accidents. It can be produced in special colors depending on order status – quantity.

Epoxy floor coverings suffer corrosion in the short term. Therefore, on average, it needs to be renewed every 3-4 years. However, antacid t tiled floor coverings have a resistance of 100 years under standard conditions.

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