Stainless Steel Floor Tile, Flat Surface 300x150x3mm

Stainless Steel Floor Tile, Anti Slip Surface, AISI 304 L class stainless steel and 300x300x3-4 mm. sizes.

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Stainless Steel Floor Tile, Flat Surface 300x150x3mmFlat Surface products are used in areas with high temperature differences and heavy traffic on the floor and in cold room or hot room doorways.

In addition, it is applied in the joints of different types of materials for the protection of the main dilatation profiles of the building. Also, it is preferred in loading areas with heavy and intense load traffic, elevator door fronts and ramps due to its load and corrosion resistance and non-slip properties. Stainless steel tile products are produced in two different options as non-slip or flat surface.

Where are Stainless Tiles Used?

  • At transition points from floor to floor
  • Different material transitions
  • Plus minus under the doors in the rooms
  • In areas where flat surfaces and non-slip surfaces are desired,
  • It can be used to absorb the expansion of expanding materials.

Technical Specifications of Stainless Steel Tiles

Models are produced for different needs. These products are basically produced in four different models;

It is produced as;

  • 300x300x3-4 mm with non-slip surface
  • 300x150x3-4 mm with non-slip surface
  • 300x300x3 mm with flat surface
  • 300x150x3 mm with a flat surface.

You can choose the product that suits your needs. You can use the product you purchased in the doorways of cold or hot rooms with high temperature differences on the floors. Aesthetic appearance can be achieved in areas with different material transitions. You can use it with non-slip and flat surface options in areas with heavy and intense load traffic.

Stainless steel tiles are products that can be easily applied in many industrial areas. It also prevents the passage of liquid between the two regions in the transitions where it is used. Accordingly, it creates a solution against situations such as bacteria formation that may occur on the floors.

It can also be used in areas where there is load passage belonging to sectors such as food, health or textile, or at the entrances of hot or cold rooms where products are stored. In case of demand, tiles with non-slip properties can be applied in addition to stainless steel in the required areas.

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