Golf Dondurma

Golf Dondurma | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Bursa

Golf Dondurma is a brand for many years, serving various ice cream products in Turkey. With Turkey’s most consumed Golf, day by day continues to grow. When the calendars showed the year 2003, the Bursa Factory started production with a capacity of 10 million liters.

The company continues to grow rapidly and has a production capacity of 200 million liters today. Although it is a local company, it provides giant services and productions. In every city in Turkey, it is possible to find Golf Ice Cream in every region. Likewise, the brand continues its production in the Kahramanmaraş region today. It continues its services uninterruptedly by producing ice creams that many consumers of all ages love.

Production Quality

Golf Dondurma continues its production by integrating traditional flavors with the innovations brought by today’s world. State-of-the-art tools and equipment are actively used during production. The taste of ice cream produced with the unique sale of Maraş mountains and fresh goat’s milk is known all over the country. INNOVATIVE products are ice creams containing real yogurt, sherbet made of real fruits and produced naturally. In this way, we can say that a happy consumer picture is created. Golf Dondurma has crowned its success with the “Superior Taste Award” by the International Taste and Quality Institute. All personnel working under Golf Dondurma, besides being fully equipped, work subject to the necessary training. As a result, all of the products are presented to the consumer flawlessly and deliciously.

Product Range

Golf Dondurma is also quite developed at the point of the product range. There are many types of ice cream produced under the brand. The company’s own manufacturers produce all products bearing the signature of Golf. Combining unique recipes with natural flavors enables the consumption of quality ice cream. Golf brand, it is possible to find anywhere in Turkey. It can find its products even in corporate and local food markets and giant shopping malls. Likewise, the company produces ice cream and Belgian Chocolate, and complete production is sent to every Turkey region. It is one of the companies that take place today with its growing production opportunities and expanding consumer base.