Rana Yumurta

Rana Yumurta | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Konya

Rana Yumurta was founded in 1968 by Ceylani Topçu in Konya. After 30 years, it transferred the management to his sons Mustafa and Murat Topçu in 1998. With its knowledge and experience of more than half a century, Rana Yumurta has always offered quality eggs to consumers. Rana, which started with 500 chickens, continues its business by reaching 1 million chickens. The daily production capacity of the company is approximately 950 thousand eggs. Besides meeting the country’s egg needs, the company exports to Syria, Iraq, and Dubai today. In this way, it also contributes to the national economy.

Production Facility Equipped With The Latest Technology

Rana Yumurta uses machines that are integrated with today’s technology. It employs 41 personnel, 1 veterinarian, 1 machine technician, 1 electrical technician. 120 thousand eggs are produced per hour in the factory, which produces with the latest technology. Always determining customer satisfaction as its priority, the company has always made it a mission to produce “quality eggs” in its 52-year production life. Rana, working with all its strength to deliver eggs with superior taste to the end consumer at an affordable price, closely follows technological developments and keeps up with them. In this context, the company is among the names that can be considered in its market. In Rana Yumurta production facilities, there are 16 poultry houses with 45 thousand m2 closed area established on 170 thousand m2 of land.

The coops have a total capacity of 1 million 500 thousand chicken. Simultaneously, the coops are equipped with the latest technology and keep up with the age requirements. Thanks to the poultry automation system, the factory can make feed, illumination, and ventilation processes in the required amount when needed. These coops are specially designed to increase animal health and the quality of the eggs it will produce. Fully automatic sensors and timers provide pressure, temperature, and humidity. 12 hours a day, Rana Yumurta and their coops are under control. The company, which has taken all biosecurity measures, gives the necessary importance to chicken health, and produces healthy eggs.

Eco-Friendly Production with Solar Energy

Rana Yumurta is always appreciated for its nature-friendly attitude in production. By meeting most of the factory’s energy needs they produce with solar energy, they do not compromise environmentally friendly production. Thanks to this power plant established in the factory, it prevents 565 tons of carbon dioxide to nature.