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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Karabük

Ramsey was founded in 1970 in London, the capital of fashion. It is a world brand in men’s fashion with its quality, stylish, design-oriented, and innovative approach. In 1985, it moved its production to Turkey and founded its first factory in 1989. The brand, which closely follows world trends and produces all the outerwear collections that men need, also offers men a lifestyle. In men’s collections, the detailer has become a pioneer with his understanding of production, which blends with the elegance of traditional craftsmanship.

Ramsey operates with a wide network of services from Russia and the Turkish Republics to North Africa and the Balkans, with 155 outlets in 26 countries.

Who owns Ramsey, and Where Are Its Headquarters?

The owner of this world-famous menswear brand is Remzi Gür, who is also the founder. Its headquarters / general directorate is in Istanbul Merter, Kerestiler Site, and operates within Gürman Group. It has factories in Karabuk Safranbolu and Kastamonu. Its factories have an annual production capacity of 1.5 million units and a workflow that can manage 50 different models simultaneously in a production band.

Brand Story

The brand founding story extends back to the 1970s. Its name comes from the pronunciation of the name “Remzi” of its British friends as “Ramsey.” Blending high production capacity with current technologies and fashion trends, the company reflects traditional craftsmanship and detailing its products.

Responsibility and Sensitivity towards People, Environment, Society

Its long history offers environmentally conscious, reliable, innovative, quality, valuable products and services. Industry 4.0 provides instant traceability of production and procurement processes with intelligent algorithms thanks to the digital innovative application.
With its modern infrastructure and innovative approach, it produces high quality and hygiene standards. Total quality management policies are implemented globally, reflecting modern, human, and customer satisfaction oriented approaches.

Vibroser products and services are preferred to ensure structural hygienic conditions in Ramsey plants.