Hygienic Kerb, Iron-reinforced, On Top of the Floor Covering 300Dx770x50mm

Hygienic Kerb is an industrial wall and panel protection product that can be used in the food industry and other areas requiring cleanliness and hygiene. It is suitable for use in areas such as food production facilities, warehouses and cold storages. This product protects walls and panels against impacts and offers a hygienic solution thanks to its glass fiber-free, antimicrobial properties. In addition, this product, which is also a warning tape, can be easily cleaned and has a long service life.

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Hygienic Kerb, Iron-reinforced, On Top of the Floor Covering 300Dx770x50mm It is iron-reinforced and applied on top of the coating.

Hygienic Kerb Iron-reinforced main features;

  • It is a material that does not contain glass fiber and is suitable for human health and food safety.
  • Its antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of dirt and microorganisms on its surface.
  • Protects walls and panels, cold room and clean room panels.
  • Absorbs and minimizes damage caused by vehicles hitting the wall.
  • Prevents scratches and dents on walls and panels.
  • Can be used in areas that require cleanliness and hygiene, such as food factories, hospitals and pharmaceutical factories.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors and is not affected by the harshest weather conditions.
  • Unaffected by sudden temperature changes, heat and cold.
  • Resistant to oil, acids, harsh chemicals and cleaning chemicals.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its radius form.
  • Since it is yellow in color, it is a warning band and attracts the attention of forklift, pallet truck and trolley users.
  • It is aesthetic and its surface is smooth, stain-resistant and maintenance-free.
  • It is easy to install and has a migration test certificate.
  • It has all internationally recognized test certificates and certificates.
  • It is a registered product and all legal rights belong to Vibroser.
  • Can be produced in different colors.
  • Longer lasting and more efficient than equivalent products.
  • It is a reliable option for industrial wall and panel protection.

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Our Hygienic Kerb product does not contain glass fiber for human health and food safety! Our products are patented, and all legal rights belong to Vibroser company.



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