Hexagon Acid Proof Tile 150×175 Burgundy

Hexagon Acid Proof Tile is produced in 150×175 dimensions and 15 or 18mm thickness. Slip resistance values: R9-R10-R11-R12.

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Product Code: 54785TXC62458

Exceptional Durability for High-Traffic Areas. Superior Strength and Resistance.

Resilience Against Acid, Chemical and Alkali Exposure. Optimized for Food Industries.

Certified Quality and Standards Compliance. Proven Track Record.

Suitable for floors
Made from Porcelain

1st Quality

High Performance
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Tags: Industrial Tiles, Heavy Duty Flooring Tiles, Fully Vitrified Tiles
Technical Specifications

Material Composition: Our tiles are high-quality porcelain with a vitrification process, making them stronger than steel.

Thickness Options: Available in 15mm and 18mm, ensuring durability in high-traffic areas.

Slip Resistance: Our tiles have slip resistance ratings from R9 to R12 for secure grip in oily environments.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to acids, alkalis, and chemicals found in industrial settings.

Low Water Absorption: With less than 0.20% absorption rate, our tiles resist warping and degradation.

Impact Resistance: Designed to withstand heavy impacts, ensuring long-term durability.

Resistance to Abrasion: Engineered for heavy foot traffic and abrasive wear, reducing maintenance needs.

Hygienic Properties: Easy to clean and resistant to chemicals for hygienic environments.

Antimicrobial Properties: Inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, reducing contamination risk.

Fire Resistance: Tested for fire resistance, providing safety in industrial settings.

UV Stability: Retains color and integrity in sunlight, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Frost Resistance: Withstands freezing temperatures, suitable for cold environments.

Color Retention: Maintains color over time for aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Longevity: Offers long-lasting protection against heavy loads and chemicals.

Eco-Friendly: Manufactured with environmentally friendly processes and materials.

Installation Flexibility: Offers various installation methods, including vibratory laying.

Customization Options: Available in different colors, patterns, and finishes.

Application Areas: Ideal for various industries where durability, chemical resistance, and hygiene are essential.

Compliance: Meets FDA, USDA, HACCP, EHEDG standards for use in food processing.

Warranty Coverage: Backed by a comprehensive warranty against defects and wear.


ISO 10545-2 Dimensions and surface quality / No any visible defect: PASS

ISO 10545-3 Water absorption: PASS

ISO 10545-4 Breaking Strength (Newton) / 3500: PASS

ISO 10545-4 Modulus of rupture (N/mm2) / 45: PASS

ISO 10545-5 Impact resistance by measurement of coefficient of restitution / 0.87: PASS

ISO 10545-7 Resistance to Surface abrasion_İntended for use on floors / Class: 3, Cycle: 750: PASS

ISO 10545-8 Determination of linear thermal expansion / 5,95 x 10-6 / ºC: PASS

ISO 10545-9 Resistance to thermal shock / Resistant: PASS

ISO 10545-10 Moisture expansion, in mm. / m. / 0.1: PASS

ISO 10545-11 Crack resistant / Resistant: PASS

ISO 10545-12 Frost resistance / Resistant: PASS

ISO 10545-13 Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkalis / LA: PASS

ISO 10545-13 Resistance to high concentrations of acids and alkalis / HA: PASS

ISO 10545-13 Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts / A: PASS

ISO 10545-14 Resistance to stains / 5: PASS

ISO 10545-15: Lead and cadmium given off by tiles / Pb <0,1 Cd<0,01: PASS

EN 101: Surface hardness Mohs: PASS

DIN 51094: Color resistance to light / Resistant: PASS

Test Report for Acid Proof, Industrial, Heavy-Duty Tiles

Catalogs for Acid-Proof, Industrial, Heavy-Duty Tiles

Technical Datasheet for Acid Proof, Industrial, Heavy-Duty Tiles

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Discover the World’s Toughest Floor Tile

Introducing the Hexagon Acid Proof Tile, an unparalleled solution meticulously engineered by Vibroser to meet the stringent demands of modern industries. Crafted under intense pressure and extreme temperatures, each tile undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, pressed at an astounding 4600 tons of pressure and baked in an industrial oven at temperatures reaching 1200 degrees Celsius. This meticulous method ensures that the Hexagon Acid Proof Tile emerges as the epitome of durability and resilience, setting a new benchmark in the construction industry for robust materials.

As a leader in Heavy Duty Tile manufacturing, Vibroser has revolutionized acid-proof flooring solutions with its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality. Our Acid Proof Tiles have earned acclaim across diverse industrial sectors, from food processing to pharmaceuticals, thanks to their exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, mechanical stress, and thermal shock.

The resilience of Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles is unparalleled, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and environments exposed to significant stress. Renowned for their remarkable breaking strength, these tiles offer unmatched durability across a wide spectrum of industrial settings, from small-scale operations to extensive manufacturing facilities. Engineered specifically to endure the toughest conditions, Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles have cemented their reputation as some of the most reliable porcelain tiles for acid-resistant applications.

Renowned for their exceptional impact and abrasion resistance, Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles continue to demonstrate outstanding performance even after 30 to 40 years of rigorous use in highly demanding environments. These tiles have proven their resilience on aggressive surfaces, maintaining their excellent performance over time and solidifying their reputation as an enduring solution for industrial flooring needs.

In food manufacturing environments, where exposure to corrosive by-products and contaminants like fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions, and natural food acids is inevitable, maintaining sanitary integrity is paramount. Insufficiently robust surfaces in clean zones can deteriorate, leading to uncontrolled bacterial growth and increased contamination risks. To address this, it’s crucial to employ a floor finish that facilitates fast and effective cleaning to remove all contaminants from the area.

Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles cater to a diverse range of industries, including commercial kitchens, meat processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, restaurants, chemical processing plants, dairy farms, warehouses, hotels, water bottling plants, poultry farming, fish processing, food and beverage production, cold storage facilities, and more. Specifically engineered to address the unique challenges faced by the brewing, winemaking, and distilling industries, our thermal shock-resistant tiles withstand rigorous steam and boiling water cleaning methods while ensuring slip resistance and robust protection against chemicals and stains. With customizable options tailored to the specific requirements of each facility, our tiles adhere to FDA, USDA, and HACCP standards, offering versatility and reliability across various sectors.

Our Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles offer a comprehensive suite of features tailored for diverse industrial environments. With antimicrobial properties ensuring hygiene, easy cleaning, and maintenance, these tiles are engineered to withstand thermal shock from forced steam and boiling water cleaning while resisting stains and chemicals like acids, oils, and cleaning agents. They provide slip resistance, meet FDA and USDA standards, and are designed for heavy traffic, including forklifts, in extreme hot and cold conditions.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers demand floor systems that align with the rigorous hygiene and safety standards mandated by regulatory bodies like Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles are engineered to meet these exacting requirements, providing pharmaceutical facilities with an exceptional solution that ensures cleanliness, compliance, and safety.

Furthermore, Vibroser prioritizes environmental sustainability, producing Acid Proof Tiles using eco-friendly methods and materials. With comprehensive warranty coverage against defects and wear, our tiles provide peace of mind and long-term protection, making them the premier choice for acid-resistant flooring needs in the most demanding environments.

Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles excel in durability, retaining both their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal in demanding industrial settings while enduring heavy foot traffic, chemical exposure, and mechanical stress. Engineered for long-lasting protection and minimal maintenance, they offer a cost-effective solution for industrial flooring, providing peace of mind and reliability for years to come.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles exhibit exceptional chemical resistance, enabling them to endure exposure to acids, alkalis, and cleaning agents prevalent in industrial environments while maintaining their structural integrity and performance. This robust feature ensures prolonged protection against corrosion or degradation, minimizing maintenance needs and preserving the tiles’ appearance for extended periods.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles offer hygienic benefits by being easy to clean and resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, ensuring adherence to stringent hygiene regulations in industries like food processing and healthcare. With a smooth, non-porous surface that prevents contaminant buildup, these tiles facilitate efficient cleaning, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and fostering a healthier, safer work environment.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles’ impact resistance allows them to withstand heavy impacts, such as those from machinery or dropped objects, without cracking or chipping, ensuring their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal in high-traffic industrial areas. This durability minimizes the need for frequent repairs or replacements, providing long-lasting protection against physical damage and offering a dependable flooring solution for industrial settings.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles’ abrasion resistance enables them to endure the mechanical strain of foot traffic, equipment movement, and cleaning procedures without compromising their integrity or appearance. This feature ensures the tiles retain their smooth texture and resistance to scratches, scuffs, and abrasions over time, extending their lifespan and minimizing maintenance needs, crucial for preserving the flooring’s functionality and appearance in busy industrial settings.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles’ slip resistance ensures secure footing, even in wet or oily industrial conditions, crucial for minimizing slips, trips, and falls among workers and visitors. Whether through surface textures or special coatings, these tiles enhance friction and grip, promoting stability and confidence during movement or machinery operation, essential for maintaining a safe work environment in industrial facilities.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles’ waterproof feature ensures they remain impervious to water, preventing moisture from penetrating the surface and causing damage or decay, vital for sustaining the tiles’ integrity and lifespan, particularly in settings prone to water exposure like food processing areas or laboratories. Additionally, their waterproof nature makes them easier to clean and less susceptible to mold or mildew growth, promoting a healthier and more hygienic environment overall.
Vibroser Acid Proof Tiles’ non-toxic nature ensures they are manufactured without harmful chemicals or additives, making them safe for use in industrial environments like food processing facilities, where strict regulations govern material safety to prevent product contamination. This feature offers peace of mind, as these tiles do not release harmful substances into the air or soil, fostering a safer and healthier workplace for employees and minimizing adverse effects on the ecosystem.
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Vibratory Application Technique
Vibratory application technique in industrial anti-acid porcelain tile flooring begins with removing the existing concrete floor from dirt. The concrete floor is cleaned from dirt, spilled sand, and waste by pressurized water washing machines. After cleaning the floor, the mortar is poured, where the anti-acid tiles will be combined with the floor. After the mortar is poured, the floor is improved to get a smooth floor. Thus, the floor, which is both flat and clean, is made suitable for the placement of anti-acid tile floor mortar. High-quality adhesives are applied to the fresh mortar. After applying high-quality adhesive, anti-acid tiles are assembled parallel to the rope and miter.
After the tile installation process, pre-compression is performed, ensuring no space between the floor and the tiles. This technique is called the vibratory compression technique because horizontal and vertical vibration movements are used during compression. After all these applications, it should be left for a while for the floor to become suitable for the application. In this process, the tiles are frozen by the mortar’s own heat, as the water absorption rate is zero. After the vibration process is completed and left for a while, a dust vacuum process is applied to clean the surfaces. Then, a liquid epoxy filling is applied to the joints.
VSEE VIBRATION SYSTEM XW1000 is epoxy bonding and W13 liquid epoxy grouting application system;
it has been accepted in facilities with (-40 – +70) degrees heat environment on the floors of food factories in developed countries. The VSEE system is a CE-certified XW1000, gel paste type epoxy-based adhesive and epoxy-based W13 liquid joint filler application, which has been specially developed for the vibratory application method and has a much higher adhesion strength than its counterparts, and is also applied with a machine system.
VSEE is an indispensable solution for installations that require particularly high mechanical strength. Solving the solid and long-lasting floor needs of hot and cold rooms, acidic and caustic environments of all kinds of food, meat, milk, fish, beverage, and bakery product producers. It is a system where masters made 400 doses of m3 400 kg of cementitious thick bed mortar and ceramic application on the same day and saved time.
It is the most economical and guaranteed solution with minimum maintenance cost in the long term.
VSFE VIBRATION SYSTEM flex bonding and W13 epoxy joint filler application system
It is a high-strength cement-based, two-component C2TE S1 class flex adhesive and machine system epoxy-based W13 liquid joint filler application. This is a suitable system, especially for industrial facilities that require medium and weak chemical resistance and medium-light mechanical strength.
It is a time-saving system, thanks to the application of 400 doses of thick bed mortar and ceramics in the same day while solving the floor needs of all kinds of meat, milk, fish, beverage, and bakery product producers in acidic and non-caustic environments.

Thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement, it is also a cost-effective solution alternative.
VSFF VIBRATION SYSTEM; flex adhesive and flex joint filler application system;
It is an economical application that uses the advantages of vibrating system application with high strength two-component C2TE S1 class flex adhesive and CG2 class flex joint filler. Therefore, it is a suitable system especially for industrial facilities that require medium-light mechanical strength (markets etc.) and operate at dry and normal temperatures.
It is the most economical solution alternative thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement. Also, it is a time-saving system, thanks to the application of 400 doses of thick bed mortar and joint filling with ceramics on the same day.
It is the most economical solution alternative thanks to its minimum maintenance requirement.
Vibroser: Your Trusted Partner in Hygienic Construction
Global Supply and Installation Services

At Vibroser, we’re dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line acid proof tiles worldwide. With a global footprint spanning over 100 countries, we offer direct sales of our premium-quality tiles and collaborate with trusted partners for installation services. Whether you’re in need of flooring solutions for a food processing plant, pharmaceutical facility, or any industrial setting, our acid proof tiles are engineered to endure rigorous conditions while ensuring optimal hygiene standards. 

Our commitment doesn’t stop at providing superior products; we also offer free consultancy services to assist you in selecting the right tiles and guiding you through the installation process. With Vibroser, you can trust that you’re receiving not only the highest quality tiles but also comprehensive support to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how Vibroser can elevate your project with hygienic and durable flooring solutions tailored to your requirements.

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